Old Coin Value Price List - Most Expensive Coin In India

Nowadays many people want to sell their old coins, so they come to the internet and search "old coin sell" or "old coin value price list"

Therefore, in today's article, we are going to Show you Old coin Value price list and the right way to sell old coins and also tell you the Old Coin value price list.  which contains all the coins that you want to sell, and will also know their price and method of selling.

Old Coin Value Price List

All the old coins related to archeology are worth lakhs of rupees today. But there are some coins which are not very old but despite this their value has increased today because either these coins are unique or the metal used in making them has now become valuable.

Old Coin Value Price List

Some people or companies buy these old coins and melt them and then sell the metal or some people are interested in collecting them, hence they are ready to pay higher prices for them.

Apart from all this, museums also buy these coins so that they can tell the archaeological things to the coming generations. These museums also earn money indirectly from these old coins.

Here is the price list of those old coins which are sold very expensive: 

1 Rupee Old Coin Price

This coin is from the time when there was British rule in India, then Indian currency was used in 7 countries. In which most of the Arab countries were there. 

Therefore, something has also been written on this coin in Arabic language. This coin was in circulation from 1892 to 1926.
  • 1 Rupee Old Coin Value - < 10 Lakh
one rupee old voin price

2 Rupee Old Coin Price

Actually, there are many such 2 rupee coins which have become very valuable these days and are in great demand in museums and coin shops. But in this article we are going to talk only about expensive coins.

This 2 rupee coin was minted from 1978 to 1992, different types of photos are also printed on this coin, but the 2 rupee coin with the Asian Games logo is the most valuable coin.
  • 2 Rupee Old Coin Value : < 2 Lakh
2 rupee old coin price

25 Paise Coin Value

This round shaped coin of 25 paise is the most valuable coin of this series, it started minting in 1972 and its minting was stopped in 1990 but still it was legal tender.

Nickel was used to make this coin, its weight is 2.5 grams and the shape is circular. The fourth part of the rupee was also written on it, Bombay mint marked 25 paise coin is the most expensive. The symbol of which is the photo of diamond in the lower part of this coin.
  • 25 Paise Coin Price: < 60,000 Rs
25 Paise Coin Value

5 Paise Old Coin Value

This old coin of 25 paise was minted by the government between 1957 and 1963. On one side of which Ashoka Pillar is written and on the other side "Rupye Ka Bisva Bhag" is written. This coin is made of copper nickel metal.

This coin weighing four grams had a quandragular shape. Although its minting was stopped in 1963, even after that this coin remained in circulation for many years.
  • 5 Paisa Coin Price : < 40,000 Rs
5 Paise Coin Value


So here is the information about some of today's expensive coins. If you want to get information about any other coin, then you can see the rest of the articles on this website. Apart from this, if you want to sell old notes and coins online, then the method and numbers of old coin buyers will also be available.